About Slick

What happens when you take five accomplished musicians and put them together in one room? Not only will they emerge with some of the best music you've heard in years, but they will drive one another to reach higher levels of perfection. That is exactly the case with the band Slick. These musicians have all performed in previously well-known bands. With that, they each bring something special to the table that contributes to the overall presentation. When you experience a Slick performance, you can expect to be impressed no matter which instrument you like best.

Slick takes the daunting mechanics of creating music and makes it look so easy. Whether you like to study the instrumental detail or simply dance the night away, their show has something to offer everyone. They take the audience on a magical voyage of old and forgotten melodies from the 50's through the 80's. Four part vocal harmonies bring real magic to the countless hits from days gone by.

Performing a variety of well-known hits from classic rock, oldies, pop, country, funk, blues, and love songs.